Solar Energy is Now Affordable
The power company will allow a credit for each killowatt up to the killowatts used;              
SUNPOWER ToGo In Athens is a sales agent for   Solar-togo on Congress Pkwy Athens 423-453-5848 and

2880 Watt Grid Tie System

12   LDK 235 WATT MODULE        
1   SMA Pure Signwave 3000W INVERTER        
4   MC 4 Cables 30 ft        
    Total     $4,895    

6110 Watt Sharp Grid Tied

5600 Watt Systems  
20   LDK 260 WATT MODULE        
1   SMA 6KW INVERTER        
10   MC 4 Cables 50 ft        
    Total     $9,800  
This is a complete package and the install could add less than $1000
This could provide a 5 year payback with normal weather.

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